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A Box of Forgotten Thoughts Release

Last week my good friend Emma Feagan and I released our first album A Box of Forgotten Thoughts. We started this project around 4 years ago, back when I was still at Disk-Edits.

A Box of Forgotten Thoughts, contains 8 tracks written and performed by Emma, and produced and engineered myself. They are a collection of ambient instrumental improvisations, and recorded fragments from Emma's life.

If that sounds like your sort of thing I hope you enjoy it. It is currently available on Bandcamp, (choose your price) and should be up on Spotify and everywhere else soon.

All proceeds generated will be going to our shared research caffeine supply.

The album was recorded at Disk-Edits Pty Ltd, courtesy of Neville and Ros Clark, and was mastered (by myself) at Spare Ski Studios courtesy of Andrew Bayfield (who also performed cornet on Track 7).

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