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"What Comes Out Of The Speakers" Andrew Scheps at Oxford

Updated: Jan 20, 2020

I just wanted to share one of my favourite videos available on YouTube. In 2017 Andrew Scheps, one of my favourite audio engineers, presented a speech at the Music Faculty at the University of Oxford about "What Comes Out Of The Speakers" (1) where he explores some of the ideas in his head related to music as a technical expression of art.

I tremendously enjoy this video as I find Andrew does a wonderful job of relating the technical aspects of music production and playback to similar ideas and problems found in other art forms. The obvious message being related to the idea that there is no excuses when it comes to the final product of any art form. More interestingly however, Andrew finds a way to relate this idea to a number of different mediums and creative challenges in what I think is one of the most articulate presentations I have seen. Highly recommended it to anyone who has any interest in music or art in general.

Footnotes: (1). Andrew Scheps, Music Faculty: University of Oxford. Andrew Scheps at the University of Oxford - “What Comes Out Of The Speakers”. [Internet]. Speech presented at; 2018 Jan 8 [cited 2019 Dec 28]; United Kingdom. Available from:

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